Corporate design. Who we are?

Who do I want my clients to think about? Usually, when we think of certain products, a brand comes to mind. That action is thanks to corporate design. The corporate design allows us to have a positive and unequivocal idea of ​​a company. When we talk about this process, we not only refer to a

Publicity design, a big tool, a big key

An image that can change everything   What is design? The design consists of expressing an idea or a set of ideas through images, the primordial thing of this activity is to transmit what is wanted, and that the receiver of that information. Designs that imply creativity, skills and knowledge, whether technical or empirical, that

Hubspot vs Mailchimp

Who is the BEST? HubSpot and MailChimp are two marketing platforms that will help you as a company to get closer to your customer. The goal of HubSpot is to provide a set of tools that help you convert visitors into sales opportunities with sales opportunities, in electronic formats, emails, panels, among others. While MailChimp

Email Marketing: Benefits

Email marketing: A great ally   Email marketing is an essential component of a marketing strategy in any type of business. It does not matter if you have a store in a shopping center or if you sell your products through a website. This marketing tool allows you to communicate with your customers, inform about the launch of new products, attract customers with customization, know what they are looking for and much more.   WHAT IS A MARKETING SERVICE

How to have the best response from consumers?

5 actions that make your client choose you   Knowing what to say and how to say it is very important. Many times we do not consume what they sell us because the attitude of sharing ideas is not adequate, even the words that use the best, those that we do not see the reliable generations, among other miles of things that the consumer unconsciously takes into account the Time to choose where to buy. To communicate correctly,

CRM: learning to relate to the client

CRM: Customer Relationship Management The competitiveness between the companies, and especially the newly created companies that represent a large percentage of the active economic units, is at a fairly high level, therefore, the demand for quality and attention is maximum, so the management of customer relations (CRM) is a fundamental issue.   Then we can say that success comes along with:  Understand the profitability of

Basic Guide: Knowledge about customers

How to know it? When we think about customer, we think of sales opportunities, but that’s why we need to know them and know what kind of ads and proposals we call them flashy and catchy. To create an image is something that you must take into account because in this way our clients will know that we help them.   If you want to know about the corporate image here we tell you what you should know. You must learn to have close contacts with the client, because it is the

Corporate image. A big challenge.

5 Important points when you establish your corporate image.   We know that our image is very important, how our potential clients perceive us, because if we want them to become loyal customers, we must create a close relationship with them, doing them part of whom we are. Who feel identified and want to return, is a goal that should be clear when we create our image. As we mentioned in the post blog, who am I as a business? 

SEO: search engine optimization

What is it? What is it for?  With the passage of time and technology, the term SEO has become a more and more useful tool. But not only in the environment of the experts, but also in the amateur area.  And it is understandable, because it’s not enough to appear on social networks, you must be someone who has presence on the internet,


Who am I like a business? For your company, to start or continue to bear fruit, it’s essential find your identity and create a personality. What do we mean? Well, the idea is that your company can be recognized in any platform or place, just like you could recognize a Mc Donald’s here and in China. Creating an identity is define you correctly, because