5 Important points when you establish your corporate image.


We know that our image is very important, how our potential clients perceive us, because if we want them to become loyal customers, we must create a close relationship with them, doing them part of whom we are.

Who feel identified and want to return, is a goal that should be clear when we create our image. As we mentioned in the post blog, who am I as a business?  Exist 3 essential questions that we have to ansewer when we are defining our company.


Then this are 5 points to consider when you create your corporate image.

1. Name – nickname 

Our name is our first impression. It is part of the image we reflect, so we must choose one that represents us well and highlights who we are in the best way.

A short and creative name, easy to pronounce and  remember, it’s the best, although there may also variants that make reference to your business.

I’ts  the best to have a short and unique name that everybody would remember. 


2. Logo

You must think very well about its design to be attractive, if you want you can consult several people who tell you how they imagine your business is looking.

The image design should be aimed at the audience you want to reach, it should have coherence and be striking, but above all it should jump in your competition.

When you request the creation of your logo, you must ask to be created in different versions or adaptations for different types of graphic material. 

For example, the black and white version of your logo.

3. Slogan


The slogan is the message that will attract customers to usIn it the benefits of our product or service should be highlighted, which makes us original, unique, better than the competition.

It must be a short message, but direct and forceful that really helps to decide for us.



4. Web page


The website is the way in which the world in general will find you, so you must make sure that your page is really linked to you and your product or service.

You must have your own domain, be it the full name of your company or a word that represents your product or service. 

To avoid losing visitors, your page must be optimized, it must be quick and easy to navigate in it.

You must make sure you have security certifications, so that the client knows that he can trust you in terms of money.

There are still people who distrust a lot of online payments for situations they have lived with insecure places. Include all your contact information, for sure your customers will have questions that will need to deal directly with you.


5. Printed graphic line

Here corresponds to graphic design. It is advertising such as flyers, calendars, envelopes, business cards, contracts, letterheads, notes, uniforms, etc.

Everything that can visually give you publicity.

These resources must have a unified design. We mean that it must have the same design for everything, because it will be easier for the consumer, to locate you anywhere you see it advertised.

Whether on a tarpaulin, a flyer or a car with your decal, your client should know that it is about you.

You must include your logo and use the appropriate version for each type of graphic material.


Extra point:

Something that is also really important is that you take an analysis of the opinions of your consumers either on your website or on your social networks you should be aware of what they think of you.

Something very relevant is that the client knows that you know their needs and do their best to solve their need.


Although the corporate image represents a challenge, you should know that it is always best to have a team of professionals who know what they are doing.

It may seem like a simple job, but it entails a series of details that can define whether your business is successful or not.