Who is the BEST?

HubSpot and MailChimp are two marketing platforms that will help you as a company to get closer to your customer.

The goal of HubSpot is to provide a set of tools that help you convert visitors into sales opportunities with sales opportunities, in electronic formats, emails, panels, among others.

While MailChimp offers you help to create and send mail campaigns among other attractive marketing communications tools that bring you closer to the customer.

Each of these tools has its own cons, so we’ll talk about HubSpot first.


Hubspot is a company founded in 2006 as a result of a simple observation: “People have transformed the way they live, work, buy and buy, but companies have not adapted”. What led to the creation of the vision of the entry experience and to develop the HubSpot platform. With the set of integrated and easy-to-use applications, companies can attract, attract and delight customers by providing inbound experiences that are relevant, useful and personalized.


  • Easy to use and intuitive platform
  • The HubSpot blog has a wealth of knowledge for business owners to learn about online marketing
  • HubSpot is a complete all-in-one solution


  • Requires a 12-month contract
  • Accelerated increase in prices, a measure that you build your list, the cost of HubSpot increases abruptly
  • Costs to obtain continuous technical support


  • 2.5k contacts $ 500 / month
  • 10k contacts $ 1,200 / month
  • 25k contacts $ 2,700 / month
  • For 100k contacts $ 10,200 / month
  • Full property price $ 2,400 / month
  • Initial price $ 200 / month
  • Installation fee $ 600
  • Starting number of users 2 users
  • Cost per user extra $ 50 / month
  • Refund policy: No refunds


  • Segmentation of leads
  • Web activity tracking
  • SMS marketing
  • Personalization of web content
  • Predictive analysis
  • Bidirectional CRM synchronization
  • Event management
  • Creation of invoices
  • Split test
  • Bulk social media posting
  • Sales reports
  • Real-time sales alerts
  • Mobile app
  • Social CRM

Without account:

  • Creating quotes
  • Creation of membership sites


Hubspot has integration for Leadformly, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Zapier. Integrations with Oracle and SAP platforms are not active. Hubspot has more integrations.


Hubspot is ideal for small business owners without coding capability



MailChimp is a complete email marketing solution that allows users to complete campaign transparency, email tracking, success and click rates, generate custom reports, manage subscribers and non-subscribers. MailChimp allows you to create custom templates and, at the same time, choose from a variety of prefabricated designs and campaigns.


  • Great variety of templates
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited customization and flexibility for advanced users
  • Limited email segmentation features


  • 2.5k contacts $ 30 / month
  • 10k contacts $ 80 / month
  • 25k contacts $ 155 / month
  • 100k contacts $ 475 / month
  • Full property price $ 10 / month
  • Free start price
  • Rate of no
  • Start of # of Multiple users
  • Cost per extra user: Yes
  • Refund policy: Yes
  • Free Trial


  • Lead score
  • Web activity tracking
  • Bidirectional CRM synchronization
  • Create membership sites
  • Sales reports


MailChimp has integrations with Leadformly, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier and another 700 integrations.


MailChimp is ideal for small businesses



If we compare, both are good, but they do select your needs as a business.

Email marketing: A great ally


Email marketing is an essential component of a marketing strategy in any type of business.

It does not matter if you have a store in a shopping center or if you sell your products through a website.

This marketing tool allows you to communicate with your customers, inform about the launch of new products, attract customers with customization, know what they are looking for and much more.




It is an online platform or installed software that allows you to design and send mass messages to subscribers on the mailing list. In this way, you can communicate better with your current customers and reach new audiences, separating your customers by segments or type.




The advantages that are obtained with a well-planned and specific campaign are numerous. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Ease of use: the best services of this kind include predesigned templates and drag-and-drop interfaces.


  • More specific marketing: the best email services offer the possibility of segmenting your list of subscribers so you can better target your campaigns.


  • Profitability: Most online platforms offer affordable monthly rates and even free plans for a limited number of subscribers.


  • Better understanding of customer behavior: campaign tracking options allow you to better understand what makes your customers dial.


  • Promote brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty: Strengthening your brand means increasing your visibility and increasing your value. This is one of the goals you can achieve by sending well-designed and well-designed emails that are more than just another sales pitch.


Finally, if you don’t really know your needs, you will select a demo to decide, don’t pay for nothing that you don’t really know will works for you. 

5 actions that make your client choose you


Knowing what to say and how to say it is very important.

Many times we do not consume what they sell us because the attitude of sharing ideas is not adequate, even the words that use the best, those that we do not see the reliable generations, among other miles of things that the consumer unconsciously takes into account the Time to choose where to buy.

To communicate correctly, it makes use of visual, auditory and many other tools, all in order for your client to choose the main option.

So here are some recommendations to get the best response from your consumers.



1. Move with a purpose.

Define your vision and mission and express them in your marketing. We know that your main goal is to generate income, but that is not important for your audience.

They want the things of their values, of how their problems are solved, as they try to make them feel, but above all “WHAT BENEFITS WILL THEY HAVE. Creating your brand does not mean that things are fresh, but that you have presence and are noticed.


2. Stay distinguished.


You need to know your competition, because without this, without the stars having to select to highlight.

You must emphasize why they should choose you and not others.

Show yourself differently, give consumers a reason to deepen your brand and learn to love you.


3. Leave a mark.


By this it means being unforgettable. Since samples that are available and different, you should do what you notice.

Here the important thing is to create an experience, not only sell something, but the customer enjoy the consumption, which is something that can count and revive. That includes the digital experience through your website, social networks, video channels, etc.

Think like the client, travel the path that the client must take to get to you.

That way you’ll know better than to offer.


4. Make it personal.


Social networks have helped consumers to have access to information that brings them closer to brands and allows them to receive more informed and conscientious choices.

Making the team develop personal brands causes the circle of strategy to close where it is shown that you put the client first and that you want to build trust.


5. Without excesses.


Simplicity is the key to brand development, because it can cause a cloudy and disjointed image.

Create an experience where the client has an organic relationship with the business, determining to a large extent the success you will obtain.

Wait for these recommendations to serve you, and you can shine on the other lights.


As a last recommendation, we want to remember that YOU MUST KNOW YOUR CLIENTS, because even though they may belong to the same group of consumers, each one can be very different, so knowing them is essential.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

The competitiveness between the companies, and especially the newly created companies that represent a large percentage of the active economic units, is at a fairly high level, therefore, the demand for quality and attention is maximum, so the management of customer relations (CRM) is a fundamental issue.


Then we can say that success comes along with: 

  • Understand the profitability of the business.
  • The interaction with the client, to recognize its real value
  • The potential, the customer’s growth
  • Know your tastes and preferences.

And above all to know how to use all this information in a campaign for our benefit.

Definition of CRM


The management of customer relations refers to the conditions, and you manage your relationship with the customer.

Depending on how you can interact with the opportunities you invest in the client and how it’s said in “Basic guide to know your customers are clarified.


How does the CRM work


CRM works by capturing customer information. 

Here the preferences of each one are established, to be attended and cared for in such a way that their experience becomes unique and has repetition. 

very good idea is to manage a database with which you can access all the information collected from clients and prospects.

The CRM becomes a complete system that helps the administration and optimization of relations with customers and prospects.

A CRM system helps to make management processes more efficient.

At the same time, it increases profitability, facilitates access to information and customer analysis.


Benefits in CRM

  1. Facilitate decision-making based on sound policies and accept trends and relevant data from your clients.
  2. Centralization of information. Access information in real time.
  3. Optimization of the sales process by favoring shorter sales cycles.
  4. Create a more efficient customer service by making communication between areas more fluid.
  5. Allow quick identification of customers, which benefits you with more profitable sales
  6. Allows an increase in productivity thanks to accelerating the planning and internal management tasks.
  7. It promotes customer loyalty thanks to the improvement of the services and the increase of the customer‘s knowledge towards the business.
  8. Optimal marketing strategies.

How to know it?

When we think about customer, we think of sales opportunities, but that’s why we need to know them and know what kind of ads and proposals we call them flashy and catchy.

To create an image is something that you must take into account because in this way our clients will know that we help them.


If you want to know about the corporate image here we tell you what you should know.

  • You must learn to have close contacts with the client, because it is the best thing that can be done with the client.
  • So you have a customer who feels committed and appreciated by your brand.


What is a customer?


It is an “entity” that gets involved with a company on a regular or periodic basis in order to acquire a good service which it needs and we as a company offer.


Customer life cycle

It’very important to know this cycle, because here you can identify which is the moment where you client know that he can count whit you. 


The life cycle, define the phases by which the client experiment,  evaluate, analyce, purchased or rented and use the product or service that you offer. 


The purpose of knowing this cycle is also to know what kind of campaigns is better accepted by the client.


Relationship between customer – business


Relations between business/customers begin to establish themselves when the interaction becomes periodic.


In this way, a relationship is sustained in the long term. If your company is young, you would not like to have any account with repeat customers.


I’ll have them alone that will take your time. So that a client/business relationship has a constant relationship, it means that for the road between them will be open. 


It’s important that exist a person in charge of understand the client, giving his time and space, and the same time he may consider administering around him. If an account has someone hired and focused on their care, the relationship can be closed more closely and build trust, which customers intuitively seek.




For all this processit is necessary to know the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which clarifies how to carry out the process of relating the business to its consumers, creating a relationship and above all maintaining it.

5 Important points when you establish your corporate image.


We know that our image is very important, how our potential clients perceive us, because if we want them to become loyal customers, we must create a close relationship with them, doing them part of whom we are.

Who feel identified and want to return, is a goal that should be clear when we create our image. As we mentioned in the post blog, who am I as a business?  Exist 3 essential questions that we have to ansewer when we are defining our company.


Then this are 5 points to consider when you create your corporate image.

1. Name – nickname 

Our name is our first impression. It is part of the image we reflect, so we must choose one that represents us well and highlights who we are in the best way.

A short and creative name, easy to pronounce and  remember, it’s the best, although there may also variants that make reference to your business.

I’ts  the best to have a short and unique name that everybody would remember. 


2. Logo

You must think very well about its design to be attractive, if you want you can consult several people who tell you how they imagine your business is looking.

The image design should be aimed at the audience you want to reach, it should have coherence and be striking, but above all it should jump in your competition.

When you request the creation of your logo, you must ask to be created in different versions or adaptations for different types of graphic material. 

For example, the black and white version of your logo.

3. Slogan


The slogan is the message that will attract customers to usIn it the benefits of our product or service should be highlighted, which makes us original, unique, better than the competition.

It must be a short message, but direct and forceful that really helps to decide for us.



4. Web page


The website is the way in which the world in general will find you, so you must make sure that your page is really linked to you and your product or service.

You must have your own domain, be it the full name of your company or a word that represents your product or service. 

To avoid losing visitors, your page must be optimized, it must be quick and easy to navigate in it.

You must make sure you have security certifications, so that the client knows that he can trust you in terms of money.

There are still people who distrust a lot of online payments for situations they have lived with insecure places. Include all your contact information, for sure your customers will have questions that will need to deal directly with you.


5. Printed graphic line

Here corresponds to graphic design. It is advertising such as flyers, calendars, envelopes, business cards, contracts, letterheads, notes, uniforms, etc.

Everything that can visually give you publicity.

These resources must have a unified design. We mean that it must have the same design for everything, because it will be easier for the consumer, to locate you anywhere you see it advertised.

Whether on a tarpaulin, a flyer or a car with your decal, your client should know that it is about you.

You must include your logo and use the appropriate version for each type of graphic material.


Extra point:

Something that is also really important is that you take an analysis of the opinions of your consumers either on your website or on your social networks you should be aware of what they think of you.

Something very relevant is that the client knows that you know their needs and do their best to solve their need.


Although the corporate image represents a challenge, you should know that it is always best to have a team of professionals who know what they are doing.

It may seem like a simple job, but it entails a series of details that can define whether your business is successful or not.

What is it? What is it for? 

With the passage of time and technology, the term SEO has become a more and more useful tool. But not only in the environment of the experts, but also in the amateur area. 

And it is understandable, because it’s not enough to appear on social networks, you must be someone who has presence on the internet, to obtain credibility.


The main objective of the SEO tool is to offer users what really solve their problems, doubts, needs; when performing a search.


SEO is a term that we can listen it,  and  don’t understand it at all.

It’s a tool in wich is not necessary to be an expert, because with the correct guidance and basic notions you can obtain good results too.


What is SEO?

SEO consists of optimizing a website so that its position in the search engines is getting better. Also, be the first option to consult when something related to the theme of your website is mentioned, it’s a power up.

There are two types of SEO: SEO on page and SEO off page.

a) On Page

This refers to the optimization that can be done directly to your web page, also it refers to the actions that you can carry out within your reach.

As for example, make a post on your blog, which has a link to another post on your blog.


b) Off Page


This type of optimization refers to the actions that are done outside of your website to achieve good positioning results, and that’s mainly is refers to obtain relevant references from other sites, so, that is The best thing to try that recognized sites link to your website and get prestige and trust from visitors.

Characteristics to have quality SEO:


  • KeywordsYou must analyze and understand how the user performs searches, and match what you offer to the user‘s language to be relevant.
  • Proper structure of the web.  Think about the order that your costumer find the things. In what order can I find what I’m looking for faster and clearer?
  • Be useful.The contents you manage must be relevant, useful and practical. Nobody wants to have to read 2,000 words, if you could understand a topic in 300.
  • Linkbuilding. This means that you create relationships with other web pages, not only that mentions, but that you really know them. Maintaining a fluency in the links will show your realism and commitment.


SEO is clearly not a magic recipe, which can be applied today at night and have results tomorrow morning, but it is about constant work and dedication.

But you should not feel that it will be annoying, because the better you apply the key points, the better your results will be, and over time, not so long term, you will see them.

Who am I like a business?

For your company, to start or continue to bear fruit, it’s essential find your identity and create a personality.

What do we mean? Well, the idea is that your company can be recognized in any platform or place, just like you could recognize a Mc Donald’s here and in China.
Creating an identity is define you correctly, because is the way in which different audiences can identify you.

An identity as far as a business is concerned, refers to creating a face that consumers can identify, to create a preference for your brand over others.

There are three essential questions when defining yourself.

1. What is my name? 

This question will show us the name we want to carry.
The name is the great “ALL“. But if you’re wrong, do not worry, just change it.

2. How am I? 

Here we can know our personality, the type of company we are or want to be. A perfect match between who I am and what  I offer. 

We must think that our personality as a business represents our ideas, our way of organizing, what we project.

3. How do I want to be remembered? 

Which will tell us our positioning.
By this we mean that it will help us to define the market niche that we want to occupy. Our target audience

4. Beware of the Logo.

Everything has to be coherent, and if our company has a name that sounds, elegant and serious we do not want the image with which they remind us to be a clown.

Everything is about being nice and unforgettable.


Also to all these recommendations, you need to be able to communicate, that’s why you must learn how.
In spite of all the situations that you face every day, remember that to carry out a good publicity and relationship with the client, will always make you stand out from the competition.

“If your business isn’t on internet, it dosn’t exist”

We know the importance business represents for you.We know that it will cost you time and work to stay in the place that you are, but…

Don’t you want more? 
Don’t you think that your ideas and concepts con reach more people?

Hello, we are Digitally Boosted, a company whose main goal is “help you to grow like the big ones.

Our main function is that, through the network, you can reach all your potential clients.

It’s well known, and if you do not know it, we tell you that the internet and technology have come to your favor and other means of communication, and although it has not been ruled out, the idea of advertising on radio and television, the most effective is the internet.

The experience in advertising 10 years ago is very different from what is currently experienced, in fact, the world of advertising has been one of the sectors that has experienced more changes, but above all growth thanks to the rapid advance of technology.

10 years ago, the advertising experts only talked about “reach and impressions” with this, they mediated the success that their campaigns generated.

Currently, this activity is based on experiences, what does it mean? Well, companies want their consumers to feel part of the brandcreate a sense of belonging finally place their brand as usual for the consumer.

Consumer: he decides whether triumphs or not.

Therefore, we work on generating content that brings that experience closer to business-consumer.

Now, all is possible with an app on our phones.

We don’t want to go to the bank to make a deposit. 

We don’t want to pay our services doing long queues, and it’s great! Wellwe have everything at hand. We have your business there, within reach of your consumer.

Then we will close that distance that exists and it possible, thanks to our development team that will be able to place you in the right place at the right time.

We know that the client’s behavior is never static, but we do change with the change.

Technology and the Internet are things that came to stay, to be in social networks is to participate in the real world. Do you really not want to take the big step?