How to know it?

When we think about customer, we think of sales opportunities, but that’s why we need to know them and know what kind of ads and proposals we call them flashy and catchy.

To create an image is something that you must take into account because in this way our clients will know that we help them.


If you want to know about the corporate image here we tell you what you should know.

  • You must learn to have close contacts with the client, because it is the best thing that can be done with the client.
  • So you have a customer who feels committed and appreciated by your brand.


What is a customer?


It is an “entity” that gets involved with a company on a regular or periodic basis in order to acquire a good service which it needs and we as a company offer.


Customer life cycle

It’very important to know this cycle, because here you can identify which is the moment where you client know that he can count whit you. 


The life cycle, define the phases by which the client experiment,  evaluate, analyce, purchased or rented and use the product or service that you offer. 


The purpose of knowing this cycle is also to know what kind of campaigns is better accepted by the client.


Relationship between customer – business


Relations between business/customers begin to establish themselves when the interaction becomes periodic.


In this way, a relationship is sustained in the long term. If your company is young, you would not like to have any account with repeat customers.


I’ll have them alone that will take your time. So that a client/business relationship has a constant relationship, it means that for the road between them will be open. 


It’s important that exist a person in charge of understand the client, giving his time and space, and the same time he may consider administering around him. If an account has someone hired and focused on their care, the relationship can be closed more closely and build trust, which customers intuitively seek.




For all this processit is necessary to know the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which clarifies how to carry out the process of relating the business to its consumers, creating a relationship and above all maintaining it.