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As connoisseurs of digital marketing, we know what it feels like to see that you are missing helping hands, that when entering the digital world, we realize that there are many things that we learn to do on a par, as we do with the different social networks that exist

The management of social networks becomes somewhat complex when it comes to relating to profile management.

As interesting data:

In 2015 the data was taken, where people realized they spent more time on social networks than on television in the United States.

As of that year, the use of social networks continues only on the rise.

And if that was not enough, according to recent research, in Latin America, from 2005 to 2015, the use of the internet increased from 17% of the population to 53%, of course, with greater access to the internet, people increase the time they spend in social networks.

Mexico, together with Paraguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Ecuador, are the 5 countries that register the highest level of use of social networks, in relation to their population level. The percentage of use is 83% and 73%.

This data denotes something very important, the possibility of using this as a platform to sell us, sell our product, our idea, our brand, and our business.

So, the idea of ​​management tools that help us to speed up and organize our times is not at all broken.

There are many management tools, and here I have some with very good recommendations.

  1. Hootsuite

This tool allows you to manage several profiles of social networks from the same place, either in the web version or mobile device.

Hootsuite helps you do more with your social networks, find potential customers or strengthen the relationship with those you already have.

It facilitates the search, programming, management and analysis of the effectiveness of your content on social networks.

Save time when scheduling your social media posts

Keep your presence active in social networks 24 hours a day by programming hundreds of publications in automatic mode from social networks in all of your accounts, and all from the same place!

  1. Buffer

This tool facilitates the programming of publications for all social accounts at the same time and publishes them automatically, according to the publication program that the business needs.

You can use the analysis to see the performance of your social network, which will help you understand how to improve your results and create reports for your manager or your clients.

In addition, you can add up to 25 team members to your buffer account and give them the appropriate access levels, whether you require full access or approval, to any type of permission.

  1. Brand24

It is a tool used to monitor our online reputation, social networks and reach potential sales leads or provide customer service while not in the workplace.

Your best features are: you can receive notifications about conversations in real time that are relevant to your business

Emergency help crisis that responds to problems that arise immediately.

Something super good is that it keeps you up to date with the news and the relevant information that you can use in your favor.

One of its best functions is to identify the client’s needs at the moment, which allows you to be the solution to your problem.

And its super plus, is that it helps boost the sales of prospects who come looking for recommendations. There is nothing better than having sales by recommendation.

  1. Feedly

When we manage social networks, keep in mind that sharing good content is essential, whether you know the meme of the moment, or the news that resonates around the world, the content is super important.

For this Feedly is a very useful tool, because it facilitates us the search of topics that are of interest, helps to create lists of topics and balances us the type of publication, because it is about sharing 75% of topics to “educate” and 25% of your own content.

  1. Agora Plus

This social media management platform offers multiple solutions for social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube.

It’s strengths are the analytics to determine the best day and time to publish, the type of content that has worked best: the format and theme of the contents that works best, and the measurement of viral reach and distribution.

But something that helps you a lot is that it allows you to, manage the publications for multiple social networks from a single control panel. It facilitates interactions, in addition to tracking them to see what they produce for your brand.

One of its most practical things is that it includes a tool that allows you to create contest, tests and more things that allow you to obtain.

And something that is very important to stand out is that it gives you that data from analysis from the competitors, which will act as an ally in the time you need to create campaigns.

Hashtag, an opportunity


The hashtags started on Twitter to create conversations with a central topic, starting from there, marketing took advantage of it to use them as a means of attracting customers.


The hashtag

The function of the hashtag is to tag, this allows Facebook to segment the contents by topics, and allows you to find a topic with greater ease.

By using this tool, you can follow conversations or topics of interest easily, if the idea is to follow a “Trending topic”, just put “#” the name of the material you are looking for and a list of articles, videos, publications related to your topic of interest will appear.


Benefits for companies

A) Categorize content.

Adding labels on related topics will make your content easy to find and presented in an orderly and segmented fashion.

B) Own Hashtags.

By creating a hashtag of your brand or company, you can communicate directly with your customers, the attention they will put on you, the information of interest that you want to provide them, promotions, exchanges of opinions or creative ideas, challenges or any type of customer interaction with the brand.

C) Continuous improvement

By knowing what customers say and talk about you, you can see what actions need reinforcement, you can also monitor the competition and analyze their strategies based on what another consumers comment.


Never do it!

As there are things that benefit you from this practice, there are also some that instead of benefiting you hurt you.

  1. Filled with hashtags

Creating your publications and filling them with hashtags is a bad idea, first the publication loses aesthetics, second, it’s annoying for the reader and third, Facebook can penalize you for making your posts relate to too many things, which would erase the main objective to improve the way they look for you and find you.

The recommended thing is to select words that really have relevance with the topic you want to highlight.

  1. Write long hashtags

Hashtags are similar to AdWords KEYWORDS. They are words or phrases that relate to your company, and with which users can find you, but when writing hashtags that are too long, the subject becomes complicated, and you stop relating to things of interest, also, when writing them, they must be clear and concrete, so to segment to your content will have consistency and be coherent.

  1. Use them with a goal

If you place hashtags in places where they will not be of any use to you, you will only cause your customers to get bored and consider that the information you give is not ordered, is complicated, has no sequence, or is obsolete.


Nobody likes to go to the bakery to find bread, and instead of bread they only find hoses.


Anyway, the use of hashtags can give you many benefits if you really use them as they should, even, Facebook offers that you can “promote” them so that the content you share and reach the people who are really interested in it.

This is another reason why having professionals in charge of your social networks is very important, of course you can do it yourself, but if it is to get the most out of them, a professional can streamline your communication processes, create content that really push you to achieve your goals, and also generate a network of customers who are committed to your business.

What is it? What’s it for?

As internet user, we know that knowledge is acquired in different forms in the last few years, this is the premise of content marketing.

As a continuous process, the main idea is to use their own communication media to capture clients, in place of using and renting traditional spaces that would be expensive.

What’s in and what’s out?

During the last years, content marketing has positioned itself as one of the most popular within online marketing. And although it is not a new thing, it has many exciting aspects to learn.


What does it consist of?

Content marketing consists of 4 parts, normally the creators stay in the first stage that generates the flow, but consists of:

  • Generate traffic
  • Generate a leader
  • Natural leader
  • Consumer generation

The generation of traffic is the easiest part because many people can enter and leave your website and generate traffic, but that does not mean that they will become customers.

And even though the objective of the content marketing is concrete:

Attract and retain those potential customers through relevant and valuable content” things are not so simple.



There are several challenges that the content generator will face

  1. Produce enough content

Although writing seems easy, but it is not at all. Generating content can be a heavy and complicated task, Growth can be complicated because many factors influence when writing content that may or may not benefit.

  1. Produce good content

If you exceed the content volume part, you have taken a step forward, but … Is that content good? Will it really attract those you want?

  1. Get a budget

In the event that the ideas do not come to you, and it really complicates to comply with the quality content, you will have to get enough budget to pay for the content that you can take advantage of.

  1. Variety of content

This is important, you need to create content that is relevant to your business, but you must also create an interesting variety, since it has the range of success for your blog.


Why choose content marketing?


Simple, it has many benefits and is a low-cost method. It improves the image of your brand, and your users feel more committed to you since you are giving them useful and personalized content. You improve your reputation and visibility, which improves your search engine rankings.

ATTENTION HERE, this is a great advantage, because it can be useful for someone looking for something related to your business.


Something to keep in mind are the words of Doug Kessler

“Traditional marketing speaks to people, content marketing talks with them”

Get involved directly with your potential customers, improve your situation in the market, know how and when your customers feel more comfortable.

Listen to your customers, review your feedback, anticipate what you need, generate value, reliable and advance in the steps of content marketing.

Good luck and do not forget that, content marketing is an opportunity.

If you do not know how to start, do not worry CONTACT US and we can help you.


Who do I want my clients to think about?

Usually, when we think of certain products, a brand comes to mind. That action is thanks to corporate design.

The corporate design allows us to have a positive and unequivocal idea of ​​a company.

When we talk about this process, we not only refer to a design as such, but it also covers communication.


Communication and design

Communication and design go hand in hand when it comes to corporate design. They tells us that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s true, because in the heads of your clients, something they have seen will always have priority over something they have read.

What comes to mind when you think of the book The Little Prince? Surely it is an image and not a piece of the text, even though you have read it many times, or many people have done it.



The corporate design aims to generate presence throughout the market, providing the company with a uniform, careful and reliable image. Communicate your ideals, and products effectively so that they generate the capacity in the consumers to identify you at first sight.

But… What things make up corporate design graphically? Easy, the LOGO, THE COLOSSES AND THE TYPOGRAPHY.

These 3 components are essential for recognition as a brand or supplier.


A very important part when asking for help to perform your corporate design is:

  • It must be analyzed how to improve, through the design of corporate identity, the functions and benefits of external aesthetics, as it must be beautiful and ergonomic for the client.
  • Know that you must open up to the market, not pursue it.
  • Be clear about the image you want to perpetuate.
  • Consider that the image of the product or service must be consistent with the image of the company, and that, although each one has its own personality, they must combine.

Do not forget that corporate design is the physical representation of all the concepts, ideas and units that make up your company, therefore, YOU as owner, you must know what’s your main concept, and although the design process is composed of the combination of several ideas, you must never lose sight of your main objective.

Digitally Boosted understands that well, we invite you to inquire about your CORPORATE IDENTITY, because we can help you stand out from the rest. Check our plans or CONTACT US to offer you services designed specifically for you.

An image that can change everything


What is design?

The design consists of expressing an idea or a set of ideas through images, the primordial thing of this activity is to transmit what is wanted, and that the receiver of that information.

Designs that imply creativity, skills and knowledge, whether technical or empirical, that allow us to express ourselves using graphic tools.


What is Publicity design?

When we talk about advertising designs, we immediately relate the advertising activity with the sale and we advertise a certain product.

Publicity design is a very important tool because it tries to generate a reaction in those who want to be your clients.

We know that people prefer to watch a video instead of reading a page, and that knowledge has also changed the way we present ourselves and present our products.

The publicity design presents the advantages of what we do but focuses on a specific group that will feel identify with you.

It’s about creating a lasting relationship between the product that promotes publicity design and the possible customer.


  • The publicity design allows you to reach large groups of people in very short periods of time, because “love enters through the eyes” and presents striking images that attract attention.
  • Create slogans. Something basic, but that will make you unforgettable. That’s why the ingenuity and creativity that publicity design can inject into your brand is very important.
  • Publicity design helps us to influence people, and although that can be misinterpreted, it means that you can focus your potential consumers towards your strengths.
  • By having an “objective” advertising you can segment and specify.


And there may be many more ideas about the advantages of publicity design, but it will always depend on the needs of your business, creating material that you can highlight is important.

Therefore, creating custom graphic designs is a way to approach your potential customers.

If you use generic images that do not relate to you, as a business, you have invested more than half of the work into nothing, because it will not create a memorable impression on your potential customers, and they will not remember it, much less be true to your brand.


Custom graphics give you the opportunity to capture the audience you really want to reach, so think carefully when you share something on your social networks.


Thank you very much for reading and we continue to learn how to improve our business.


An important tool:

  • Branding

An important part of the advertising design is its fusion with other measures or tools.

Branding is a mix between design and marketing, as it is responsible for presenting brands in different markets, generating interest and creating a close relationship between the user and the brand to obtain credibility.