5 actions that make your client choose you


Knowing what to say and how to say it is very important.

Many times we do not consume what they sell us because the attitude of sharing ideas is not adequate, even the words that use the best, those that we do not see the reliable generations, among other miles of things that the consumer unconsciously takes into account the Time to choose where to buy.

To communicate correctly, it makes use of visual, auditory and many other tools, all in order for your client to choose the main option.

So here are some recommendations to get the best response from your consumers.



1. Move with a purpose.

Define your vision and mission and express them in your marketing. We know that your main goal is to generate income, but that is not important for your audience.

They want the things of their values, of how their problems are solved, as they try to make them feel, but above all “WHAT BENEFITS WILL THEY HAVE. Creating your brand does not mean that things are fresh, but that you have presence and are noticed.


2. Stay distinguished.


You need to know your competition, because without this, without the stars having to select to highlight.

You must emphasize why they should choose you and not others.

Show yourself differently, give consumers a reason to deepen your brand and learn to love you.


3. Leave a mark.


By this it means being unforgettable. Since samples that are available and different, you should do what you notice.

Here the important thing is to create an experience, not only sell something, but the customer enjoy the consumption, which is something that can count and revive. That includes the digital experience through your website, social networks, video channels, etc.

Think like the client, travel the path that the client must take to get to you.

That way you’ll know better than to offer.


4. Make it personal.


Social networks have helped consumers to have access to information that brings them closer to brands and allows them to receive more informed and conscientious choices.

Making the team develop personal brands causes the circle of strategy to close where it is shown that you put the client first and that you want to build trust.


5. Without excesses.


Simplicity is the key to brand development, because it can cause a cloudy and disjointed image.

Create an experience where the client has an organic relationship with the business, determining to a large extent the success you will obtain.

Wait for these recommendations to serve you, and you can shine on the other lights.


As a last recommendation, we want to remember that YOU MUST KNOW YOUR CLIENTS, because even though they may belong to the same group of consumers, each one can be very different, so knowing them is essential.