What is it? What is it for? 

With the passage of time and technology, the term SEO has become a more and more useful tool. But not only in the environment of the experts, but also in the amateur area. 

And it is understandable, because it’s not enough to appear on social networks, you must be someone who has presence on the internet, to obtain credibility.


The main objective of the SEO tool is to offer users what really solve their problems, doubts, needs; when performing a search.


SEO is a term that we can listen it,  and  don’t understand it at all.

It’s a tool in wich is not necessary to be an expert, because with the correct guidance and basic notions you can obtain good results too.


What is SEO?

SEO consists of optimizing a website so that its position in the search engines is getting better. Also, be the first option to consult when something related to the theme of your website is mentioned, it’s a power up.

There are two types of SEO: SEO on page and SEO off page.

a) On Page

This refers to the optimization that can be done directly to your web page, also it refers to the actions that you can carry out within your reach.

As for example, make a post on your blog, which has a link to another post on your blog.


b) Off Page


This type of optimization refers to the actions that are done outside of your website to achieve good positioning results, and that’s mainly is refers to obtain relevant references from other sites, so, that is The best thing to try that recognized sites link to your website and get prestige and trust from visitors.

Characteristics to have quality SEO:


  • KeywordsYou must analyze and understand how the user performs searches, and match what you offer to the user‘s language to be relevant.
  • Proper structure of the web.  Think about the order that your costumer find the things. In what order can I find what I’m looking for faster and clearer?
  • Be useful.The contents you manage must be relevant, useful and practical. Nobody wants to have to read 2,000 words, if you could understand a topic in 300.
  • Linkbuilding. This means that you create relationships with other web pages, not only that mentions, but that you really know them. Maintaining a fluency in the links will show your realism and commitment.


SEO is clearly not a magic recipe, which can be applied today at night and have results tomorrow morning, but it is about constant work and dedication.

But you should not feel that it will be annoying, because the better you apply the key points, the better your results will be, and over time, not so long term, you will see them.