An image that can change everything


What is design?

The design consists of expressing an idea or a set of ideas through images, the primordial thing of this activity is to transmit what is wanted, and that the receiver of that information.

Designs that imply creativity, skills and knowledge, whether technical or empirical, that allow us to express ourselves using graphic tools.


What is Publicity design?

When we talk about advertising designs, we immediately relate the advertising activity with the sale and we advertise a certain product.

Publicity design is a very important tool because it tries to generate a reaction in those who want to be your clients.

We know that people prefer to watch a video instead of reading a page, and that knowledge has also changed the way we present ourselves and present our products.

The publicity design presents the advantages of what we do but focuses on a specific group that will feel identify with you.

It’s about creating a lasting relationship between the product that promotes publicity design and the possible customer.


  • The publicity design allows you to reach large groups of people in very short periods of time, because “love enters through the eyes” and presents striking images that attract attention.
  • Create slogans. Something basic, but that will make you unforgettable. That’s why the ingenuity and creativity that publicity design can inject into your brand is very important.
  • Publicity design helps us to influence people, and although that can be misinterpreted, it means that you can focus your potential consumers towards your strengths.
  • By having an “objective” advertising you can segment and specify.


And there may be many more ideas about the advantages of publicity design, but it will always depend on the needs of your business, creating material that you can highlight is important.

Therefore, creating custom graphic designs is a way to approach your potential customers.

If you use generic images that do not relate to you, as a business, you have invested more than half of the work into nothing, because it will not create a memorable impression on your potential customers, and they will not remember it, much less be true to your brand.


Custom graphics give you the opportunity to capture the audience you really want to reach, so think carefully when you share something on your social networks.


Thank you very much for reading and we continue to learn how to improve our business.


An important tool:

  • Branding

An important part of the advertising design is its fusion with other measures or tools.

Branding is a mix between design and marketing, as it is responsible for presenting brands in different markets, generating interest and creating a close relationship between the user and the brand to obtain credibility.