Who am I like a business?

For your company, to start or continue to bear fruit, it’s essential find your identity and create a personality.

What do we mean? Well, the idea is that your company can be recognized in any platform or place, just like you could recognize a Mc Donald’s here and in China.
Creating an identity is define you correctly, because is the way in which different audiences can identify you.

An identity as far as a business is concerned, refers to creating a face that consumers can identify, to create a preference for your brand over others.

There are three essential questions when defining yourself.

1. What is my name? 

This question will show us the name we want to carry.
The name is the great “ALL“. But if you’re wrong, do not worry, just change it.

2. How am I? 

Here we can know our personality, the type of company we are or want to be. A perfect match between who I am and what  I offer. 

We must think that our personality as a business represents our ideas, our way of organizing, what we project.

3. How do I want to be remembered? 

Which will tell us our positioning.
By this we mean that it will help us to define the market niche that we want to occupy. Our target audience

4. Beware of the Logo.

Everything has to be coherent, and if our company has a name that sounds, elegant and serious we do not want the image with which they remind us to be a clown.

Everything is about being nice and unforgettable.


Also to all these recommendations, you need to be able to communicate, that’s why you must learn how.
In spite of all the situations that you face every day, remember that to carry out a good publicity and relationship with the client, will always make you stand out from the competition.