All-in-one idea


As connoisseurs of digital marketing, we know what it feels like to see that you are missing helping hands, that when entering the digital world, we realize that there are many things that we learn to do on a par, as we do with the different social networks that exist

The management of social networks becomes somewhat complex when it comes to relating to profile management.

As interesting data:

In 2015 the data was taken, where people realized they spent more time on social networks than on television in the United States.

As of that year, the use of social networks continues only on the rise.

And if that was not enough, according to recent research, in Latin America, from 2005 to 2015, the use of the internet increased from 17% of the population to 53%, of course, with greater access to the internet, people increase the time they spend in social networks.

Mexico, together with Paraguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Ecuador, are the 5 countries that register the highest level of use of social networks, in relation to their population level. The percentage of use is 83% and 73%.

This data denotes something very important, the possibility of using this as a platform to sell us, sell our product, our idea, our brand, and our business.

So, the idea of ​​management tools that help us to speed up and organize our times is not at all broken.

There are many management tools, and here I have some with very good recommendations.

  1. Hootsuite

This tool allows you to manage several profiles of social networks from the same place, either in the web version or mobile device.

Hootsuite helps you do more with your social networks, find potential customers or strengthen the relationship with those you already have.

It facilitates the search, programming, management and analysis of the effectiveness of your content on social networks.

Save time when scheduling your social media posts

Keep your presence active in social networks 24 hours a day by programming hundreds of publications in automatic mode from social networks in all of your accounts, and all from the same place!

  1. Buffer

This tool facilitates the programming of publications for all social accounts at the same time and publishes them automatically, according to the publication program that the business needs.

You can use the analysis to see the performance of your social network, which will help you understand how to improve your results and create reports for your manager or your clients.

In addition, you can add up to 25 team members to your buffer account and give them the appropriate access levels, whether you require full access or approval, to any type of permission.

  1. Brand24

It is a tool used to monitor our online reputation, social networks and reach potential sales leads or provide customer service while not in the workplace.

Your best features are: you can receive notifications about conversations in real time that are relevant to your business

Emergency help crisis that responds to problems that arise immediately.

Something super good is that it keeps you up to date with the news and the relevant information that you can use in your favor.

One of its best functions is to identify the client’s needs at the moment, which allows you to be the solution to your problem.

And its super plus, is that it helps boost the sales of prospects who come looking for recommendations. There is nothing better than having sales by recommendation.

  1. Feedly

When we manage social networks, keep in mind that sharing good content is essential, whether you know the meme of the moment, or the news that resonates around the world, the content is super important.

For this Feedly is a very useful tool, because it facilitates us the search of topics that are of interest, helps to create lists of topics and balances us the type of publication, because it is about sharing 75% of topics to “educate” and 25% of your own content.

  1. Agora Plus

This social media management platform offers multiple solutions for social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube.

It’s strengths are the analytics to determine the best day and time to publish, the type of content that has worked best: the format and theme of the contents that works best, and the measurement of viral reach and distribution.

But something that helps you a lot is that it allows you to, manage the publications for multiple social networks from a single control panel. It facilitates interactions, in addition to tracking them to see what they produce for your brand.

One of its most practical things is that it includes a tool that allows you to create contest, tests and more things that allow you to obtain.

And something that is very important to stand out is that it gives you that data from analysis from the competitors, which will act as an ally in the time you need to create campaigns.